From the 8th of June 2015 the DVLA  abolished the UK counterpart (paper section)

From this point forward you'll be required to provide us with a one-time use code (valid for 21 days from the time of issue), enabling us to check you license for endorsements. 

Please visit 

The process requires your driving license number, your National Insurance number and the postcode currently displayed on your license.

If you cannot provide the one-time code on your arrival we can provide you with online access in the office but you will need your National Insurance number to complete the process. 

We can still conduct a check via the DVLA premium rate line (during their opening hours) at a cost of £5.

We'll still need you to provide us with further proof of indentification (ie, Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Passport) and a credit or debit card.

Our office opening hours are: 8am until 6pm Mon-Sat & 9am until 5pm Sundays